Acting Deputy Principal (internal applications)

The Board of Management of Presentation College Tuam Invites internal applications only for the Post of ACTING DEPUTY PRINCIPAL, to take effect from February 1st. 2023.

Presentation College Tuam is an All Girls Voluntary Catholic Secondary School (Current Enrolment (499) in the trusteeship of CEIST and is conducted in accordance with CEIST Charter Values.

The application form and further documentation may be obtained by download from below.

Completed typed application forms as a PDF attachment to be returned as
an email to

Email with completed application forms will be accepted up to Closing Date 4.00 pm. on Wednesday 18th. January 2023. Short-listing may apply. The Board of Management is an equal opportunity employer.

Provisional Date for interviews, Friday 27th January 2023.
This appointment is subject to sanction by the Department of Education.