Jarlaths & Pres TY’s

Our TY’s got a chance to work with the students in St. Jarlaths by taking part in some fantastic team building exercises and awesome rocket-building science workshop. The group at develop me Ireland started with a team game called ‘The Search for the Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine’. This interesting game required lots of thought, planning skills, effective communication and fun!

Next the TY’s took part in a construction project using k’nex. Our teams were divided into subgroups to build sections of the finished project and then the teams re-joined to create the full construction, all of this was done in a time limit of 60 minutes. The students learned important time management skills and improved on their communication skills once again.

The team at science foundation Ireland carried out an interesting science workshop on rockets. Our students learned about the history of rockets and rocket science in the morning. Then the TY’s were split into groups where they created their own rockets using plastic bottles which they got to watch take off into the sky outside!

Huge thank you to everyone involved for creating great new experiences and memories for all of the TY students!

Construction project

Science workshop