Meet our Legally Blonde Musical Directors!

Ms. Una O’Brien

Why did you get involved in the musical?
I got involved in the show as I love the buzz of putting a show together with the girls and seeing how amazing they all are.  It is a real whole-school production and I love how the students take responsibility and lead so many aspects of the show.  I am always wowed by their capabilities.

What are you most looking forward to?
 I am looking forward to having an audience in and seeing the girls enjoy performing to a crowd!

How are you feeling coming this close to showtime?
I am a little nervous – everyone has put a lot of work into the show and I am just hoping that we will do our best and enjoy it!  But most of all – I am excited!!

How many rehearsals do you have a week?
 I have 9 rehearsals a week!! Sometimes more (sorry orchestra!!!)

What scene is your favourite scene in the musical and what song is your favourite?
My favourite scene is the scene where Elle and the Delta Nus are teaching Paulette how to Bend and Snap! It’s such an iconic scene and the girls add great comedy to it on stage. My favourite song is So Much Better.  The power of Nina’s voice combined with the chorus always blows me away!

Ms. Megan Lohan
What do you enjoy most around the time of the musical? 

I enjoy handing the show over to the students. They work on crew, control the lights, play in the orchestra and perform every onstage role. My work is done once the curtain opens on the first night and I love to see our students shine in all areas of the production. 

What is your favorite song in the musical? 

I love the duet “Legally Blonde”. Our Elle and Emmett are stunning in this show and watching the two of them stand on stage and act out their roles while singing in perfect harmony is an absolute joy. 

Are you nervous and how are you feeling coming close to showtime? 

I am feeling very proud of our students and excited to see how much they will enjoy the week. 

How many rehearsals are there a week? 

Recently we have had some full school days of rehearsals. They are way more tiring than a full day of classes, but also a lot more fun! Rehearsals have taken over our lives at this stage, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why do you think people should come and see the show?

Well, there are hardly any tickets left! So for anyone lucky enough to get a seat, I can guarantee a wonderful evening of entertainment.

Thank you to Amy O’Grady (TY) and Grace Kavanagh (TY) for conducting interviews with Ms. Lohan & Ms. O’Brien