Meet some of the Legally Blonde Orchestra!

This Tuesday our school musical kicks off for three nights. In the past few days we’ve been interviewing the orchestra of the final presentation college musical ‘Legally Blonde’. Here are some of the people we interviewed.

Reshany Rodrigues- 2nd year student

Why did you get involved in the school musical?
“I was playing my violin so I got involved. A friend volunteered me.”
Will you join the musical next year and what musical would you like to
“Yes, I would like to do another musical. Maybe high school musical.”
What are you most looking forward to in regards to the musical?
“Probably the costumes we wear for the musical.”
Do you have anyone coming to the musical?
“My dad and a few of my friends.”
What is your favorite song in the musical?
“Probably ‘positive’ because I really like the sound of it and it is very upbeat.”

Reshany Rodrigues (2nd Year)

Elisha Cosgrove TY Student

Why did you get involved in the musical?
“Pres is renowned for its musical ability and I wanted to be part of it. It seemed like it would be good fun.”
Have you ever been involved before?
“Yes, I was involved in the chorus in 1st year ‘Back to the 80s’. I wanted to switch it up this year and be in the orchestra.”
Will you join the musical next year and what musical do you want to
“Yes I want to be a part of the musical next year and I would like to do the musical ‘hairspray’.”

Elisha Cosgrove (TY Student)

Laura Mulligan Leaving Cert student

Why did you get involved in the musical?
“I’ve been doing it since I got into first year. I love playing music and it’s a really fun thing to get involved in.”
What character is your favourite?
“Elle is my favourite character because she is very energetic.”
Are you nervous? How are you feeling close to show time?
“I’m a small bit nervous but it all comes together in the end.”
What is your favourite song from the musical?
“So much better is my favourite song because it’s upbeat and fun.

Laura Mulligan (Leaving Cert student)

Thank you to Ciara Hynes (TY), Grace Kavanagh (TY) & Amy O’Grady (TY) for conducting the interviews with some of our orchestra members for Legally Blonde the musical!