Meet the Cast of Legally Blonde!

This coming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night the students of Presentation College Tuam take to the take to perform our last school musical, Legally Blonde. In the run-up to musical week, we have interviewed some of the students involved and today’s interview is with some of our talented cast members.

Nina Leufer – Elle 


I got involved with the school musical because I have a great interest in all things music! I think the musical is a fantastic way to develop not only musical skills but also other aspects like confidence, time management, multitasking along with developing friendships with other people.


I have been involved in 3 other musicals in the school, “All Together Now” in 2021 I sang Consider yourself from Oliver and You can’t stop the beat from Hairspray, Back to the ’80s in 2019, where I played Michael Feldman, and Cinderella in 2018 where I was part of the chorus. 


As someone who has only ever played male roles in previous musicals, I was extremely happy with my part. I had auditioned for the role of Elle and was delighted but also shocked when I got it. Even to this day, one week before the show, I’m still so grateful for the role I got.


I wasn’t too nervous at the start, but now that everything’s coming together with the set, chorus, costumes, lights, orchestra etc, it’s all getting very real and I’m starting to feel the nerves. But we have all worked so hard over the last few months so I’m certain it’ll go great!


I have lots of family and friends coming, I think my mother has the whole town told about it and at least half the tickets bought!!


I think people should definitely come to see it, Legally blonde is such a lighthearted, fun musical. Not even just to watch, but to perform in. We’ve all had a hard time with Covid-19 and it’s the first proper Pres musical since we’ve come back so it’s definitely bound to be a good one!

Nina Leufer- Elle

Kayla Curley – Warner 

Why did you get involved in the musical?

All ty’s were chosen to do the chorus last year. It was so much fun so I decided to go for a lead part this year. 

Have you ever been involved in the school musical before?

Yes I was in the chorus last year for “All together Now”

Were you happy with your part?

At the time I was hoping for a girl but now I’m very happy with my role

Are you nervous? How are you feeling coming this close to showtime? 

Yes, coming up to the show now I’m a bit nervous but I also can wait for the week of the musical because it’s what it’s all about. 

Do you have family or friends coming to see the show?

My parents and sisters are coming and also some of my friends. Really hope they don’t take a lot of photos. 

Do you think people should come to see it and why?

I do think people should go see it because it’s honestly a very funny show and anyone who has seen us practising has said it’s brilliant. 

Picture: Kayla Curley- Warner

Ciara Murray – Emmet

Why did you get involved in the musical?

I really enjoyed being part of the school musicals in first and third so I wanted to get involved again this year especially when I heard it was Legally Blonde!

What roles were you involved in when you did past Pres Musicals? I was part of the chorus for ‘bank to the 80’s’ and I was in the cast in ‘All Together Now’.

Were you happy with your part? I was very happy when I got the part of Emmet and thought it would be very different and fun to be playing a man this year!

Are you nervous? How are you feeling coming this close to showtime? I am nervous but I am excited also as we are coming so close to showtime!

Do you have family or friends coming to see the show? Yes, I have both family and friends coming to see the show.

Do you think people should come to see it and why? I think people should come to see the show. It is a really fun musical and is entertaining for all ages.

Picture: Ciara Murray – Emmet

Saoirse Mullins – Brooks Windham

Why did you get involved in this musical this year?
I got involved in the musical because my family and myself are really big into musicals and I just love to perform!
Have you been involved in other school musicals?
I was involved in last year’s show ‘All Together Now’ so I am really looking forward to being involved in this year’s musical which will be the last in Pres history.
Were you happy with your part?
I auditioned for the role of Brooke Windham because I just loved her energetic personality so I was delighted to get my part.

Are you nervous?
I’m a little bit nervous but mostly really really excited about the show!!

Have your family and friends coming to the show?
Yeah I have lots of friends and family coming to see the show, especially on the last night so I’m really looking forward to it

Would you recommend people to come to the show?

Yes definitely go see the show!! It’s going to be the last Pres musical so you should definitely come and watch!

Saoirse Mullins- Brooks Windham

Thank you to Lauren Quinn for interviewing the cast members.