TY’s trip to Delphi

Flashback to September when the TY’s started the year of on a high with their 2 night stay in Delphi Adventure Centre. What a great

Games club

Early this year, a games club was organised by a group of TY’s in order to promote the wellbeing of first years. The board games

Careers Fair

Last Thursday, many students attended The Tuam Careers Fair 2022. Colleges and career service providers from all over the country attended, giving insight into different

Jarlaths & Pres TY’s

Our TY’s got a chance to work with the students in St. Jarlaths by taking part in some fantastic team building exercises and awesome rocket-building

TY Golfing

Our TYs had a fantastic day out at Tuam Golf Club on the 13th of September. Everyone involved had a blast, and a massive thank

Education cannot be reduced to information or technology but has as its goal the formation of a human person who is free, rational and mature in relationships.

At Presentation College Currylea, there is an exciting and interesting variety of enjoyable extracurricular activities for our students to engage in and develop their talents.