Green Schools Team Attend the Green Schools Expo 2018

On Thursday the 22nd of February, the Green Schools committee and a number of First Year Students travelled to the RDS in Dublin for the Green Schools Expo. The exhibition was a wonderful opportunity for students to talk to various environmental organisations and students from various schools around the country. All of the exhibition stands […]

Greens Schools Water Ambassador training day

Some of the Green Schools committee members attended the Greens Schools Water Ambassador day in Roscommon at the Abbey Hotel. The day included entertaining, descriptive presentations. We did lots of interactive experiments to imagine how water reacts to chemicals for example. We also visited the local Water Treatment Plant, where we got an insight on […]

Irish Water/ Uisce Eireann Green-School’s talk First Year students

Our First Year students got the opportunity to learn about the process of the 'Water Cycle' in our natural environment. Irish Water Rep Marita McDonald delivers her presentation to the girls.

On Friday, May 12th, Colm Claffey and Marita McDonald who are Representatives from Irish Water/ Uisce Eireann visited Presentation College, Currylea to talk to the First Year girls. The girls got the opportunity to actively engage in learning all about the vital importance of protecting one of our most precious and scarcest natural resources that […]